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  • Grade band retainer rings (standard and custom)

  • API 12F welded door frames and man way covers

  • API 12F walkway lugs 

  • 1/2" Galvanized hardware

  • Liquid level board indicators (in service and out of service applications)

  • Pressure and vacuum thief hatches

  • Cathodic protection (anodes)

  • Bolted and welded tank gaskets

  • WWA D103-09 bolted tank components

  • API 12B bolted tank components


American Tank Company provides a full line of A.P.I. SQ Head Tank Bolts, SQ or Hex Nuts, Flat Washers, and Bonded Washers. Bolts are hot-dip galvanized or mechanicalgalvanized, ½ in. diameter and lengths range from 1 in. to 2 1/2 in. Encapsulated hardware is also available upon request or specifications.



American Tank also offers a wide variety of Standard Gaskets for sealing the tank.  Strip Gasket is 1 3/4 in. wide and comes in 100 foot rolls pre-punched on 2 in. centers.  Circular Gaskets are for domes, flanges, nozzles, etc. Chime Lap Gaskets and Radii Fillet Gaskets are standard gaskets for bolted tank applications. Gaskets can be ordered in EPDM (FDA Approved), Nitrile, Neoprene, Epichlorohydrin, and Viton®

fluoroelastomer. Please specify when ordering.


Tank Sealant

American Tank uses a polyurethane sealant called Vulkem 116 for all oilfield/ chemical applications. Silkaflex 1A is a polyurethane based sealant approved and used in all municipal water applications.


Tank Threaded Flanges

Steel and Cast Iron Bolted Flange Unions are available in sizes from 1 in. to 8 in. and are manufactured to conform to A.P.I. 12B-2.6. Hillside Steel and Cast Iron Bolted Flange Unions are also available for roof applications in sizes from 2 in. to 8 in.. Unitank flanges are boltless unions that range in sizes from ½ in. to 6 in..


Tank Nozzles

Tank Nozzles of all sizes can be specially ordered and installed. They are available in a galvanized finish or powder coated.


Liquid Level Indicators

Float-operated, Liquid Level Indicators show the level of the liquid in storage tanks, with an accuracy of ±1 in. Linear measurement can be supplied to customer’s specifications; optional designs are available for all types of tanks and special requirements (Also available in metric measurements). All interior components are stainless steel. Gauge boards are available in galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel. 90º elbows are made from A-356 aluminum with stainless steel trim and high temperature pullies which are made with ULTEM and can withstand temperatures of 400º+. This is a complete liquid level package including all necessary piping for installation.


Manways and Cleanouts

Manways and cleanouts are available in a flush type or extended neck frame.  Each application will provide a 4 in. threaded connection. Doors are available in single door style or the popular 2 pc door style.

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