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Bolted tanks are easily transported in sizes that absolutely preclude moving other  types of tanks. They can be quickly knocked down and erected at a new location without the extra costs of complete cleaning, cutting down, and rewelding. The parts of the tanks are interchangeable and standardized to cut down on replacement and completion time. The tanks can be erected and knocked down in almost any location based on the fact that they are pieced together and not one huge tank. They can be erected on land, barges, inland water locations, offshore platforms, and inside of buildings. Flanged (Chimed) bolted tanks are the only bolted tanks application approved by the American Petroleum Institution (API) for petroleum storage.

Bolted tanks are the ultimate in flexibility of size. Each ring consists of side sheets called staves. Tanks of a given diameter can be furnished in any multiple of eight feet by using more or fewer side rings. These staves can be quickly and easily added to or removed from tanks in the field. Capacities can be altered in this way

to meet the changing needs of the customer. Bolted tanks can be designed and manufactured to meet the various standards:


1. API 12B

2. AWWA D103

3. AWWA D100

4. UBC Seismic


6. FM

Plus other custom design parameters


Please refer to ATC FAQ SHEET 4 for the bolted tank gauge table.



All fabricated bolted tank panels and components are coated before the field erection process. There are no edges, holes or overlaps that go without the desired coating.   Hot-dipped Galvanized: Meets A153/A153M Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware.


NSF Approved for the following:

1. Potable water

2. Food processing

Hot-dipped Galvanized material is stocked at our New Iberia, LA facility.  ATC can apply specialty coatings to galvanized tank components to extend tank life.  Factory Coated: The coating consists of an epoxy interior and a polyurethane exterior finish which goes through a thermal curing process. This is a “holiday” free coating.  USDA and FDA Approved if used in DRY BULK application

Recommended for:

1. Oilfield produced water over 200° F

2. Oilfield completion fluids

3. Crude oil 180° F

4. Calcium bromide

5. Zinc bromide

6. Calcium chloride

Liquid Storage Tanks

  • Crude Oil storage 

  • Saltwater storage

  • Saltwater disposals

  • Drilling Fluid storage

  • Potable water storage

  • Wastewater storage

  • Firewater Protection

  • Dry Storage Silos

  • Applications

    • Petroleum • Water • Chemical • Crude Oil • Potable Water • Calcium Chloride • Bio-Fuels • Saltwater • Wastewater • Insecticides • Sludge Storage • Distillates • Fire Protection • Ash/Lime • Industrial Waste • Diesel • Municipal Storage • Fertilizer • Paraffin Wax • Drilling Mud • Rain Water Storage • Polymers • Food Processing Waste • Completion Fluids • Sewage Storage • Detergents • Aeration • Brine • Private Water System • Paints & Primers • Open Top Dive Tanks • Plus many other commercial applications