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American Tank Company is the leading manufacturer of API walkway, stairway, and storage tank components. Our products are available in the following finishes.

1. Black iron         

2. Primed or painted

3. Hot-dipped galvanized

API Walkway and Stairway 

  • Finishes

  • Unassembled Bulk

  • Assembled to spec

  • Unassembled precut (assembly by others)

  • Stairways

  • Walkways

  • Firewall Crossovers

  • Wellhead platforms

  • Custom applications

  • Complete Tank Farm safety access packages

  • Spiral Staircases

  • Platforms

  • Roof Guardrail systems

  • Safety Cage Ladder systems 


1. Punched Angle: All angle are 1/8 in. thick with ½ in. holes punched on 2 in. centers. Available in 20 ft. lengths are pre-cut sizes for easier assembly.



Standard Styles

1. 2 in. SP angle

2. 2 in. DP angle

3. 1 ½ in. SP angle

4. Steps: All steps are 14 gauge material, punched with a non-skid tread, and manufactured to API specifications.

a) Standard step: 9 in. x 25 ½ in.

b) Starter step: 9 in. x 25 ½ in. with ½ in. longer lip punched for mounting.

c) Walkway Pans: All pans are 12 gauge material, punched with a non-skid

tread, and available from 1 ft. to 10 ft. to accommodate accurate

assemblies. All walkway pans are 26 in. wide and formed with 4 in. legs.

d) Toeboard: All toeboard are 12 gauge material, punched with two rows

of ½ in. holes, and are 4 in. high. Available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 ft. lengths.

Other styles available upon request.

5. Gussets/Splicers/Hardware: Various transition parts are available for safeguarding:

a) Handrail gussets

b) Corner gussets

c) Underbraces

d) Tie-downs

e) Stairway splice

f) Walkway pan splice

g) Mounting brackets

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