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Powder Coating

ATC specializes in internal tank coatings. These coatings can be applied to new bolted tank components prior to assembly or existing bolted or welded tanks as means of repair or maintenance. Some coatings available are:


American Tank Company is an approved applicator for Polibrid Coatings – a field proven coating product for more than 20 years. Polibrid is a solventless, 100% solids by volume elastomeric polyurethane that is applied by plural-component spray equipment at virtually any film thickness at temperatures as low as 25° F. It can be placed in immersion service immediately, providing rapid turnaround to meet the tightest of project schedules. Protects against microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), making it ideal for municipal wastewater applications. Geotextile fabrics may be embedded within the coating to produce reinforced, bonded geomembrane linings. Let American Tank Company and Polibrid Coatings be your first choice in

linings for your most difficult substrates and harsh environments. Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

Potable Water Treatment & Storage • Secondary Containment Basins • Wastewater Treatment &

Collection • Hydroelectric Penstocks • Crude & Fuel Oil Tank Bottoms • Pipelines (ID/OD) • Coal Bins & Hoppers • Pulp & Paper Mills • Railcars & Tankers • Ship Hulls, Ballast Tanks & Decks • Mining & Metallurgical Plants • Barge Hoppers & Decks • Dam Gates & Trash Racks • Marine Pilings (Sheet/Tubular)

The service temperature resistance of POLIBRID 705 may be substantially affected by the chemical composition of immersion solutions, if any. Please specify contents of tank and operating temperature to ensure Polibrid’s compatibility.

CARBOLINE 300M COAL TAR EPOXY: Excellent for saltwater storage.

CARBOLINE 187 TANK LINER: Excellent for chemical resistance.

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